Adie Shariff – Co-founder

Adie is a performance psychologist with 19 years experience of helping people perform better.  His capabilities have been tested in a range of circumstances, from business to elite sport and military environments.  With a strong focus on practical change, his coaching proposition is: “no progress no pay.”

Adie started his career as a military psychologist, notably initiating an elite coaching unit in Royal Marines recruit training – an initiative that is now standard across all three military services.  For the last 14 years Adie has specialised in working with commercial clients operating in competitive environments facilitating strategic change and leadership development programmes.

Adie’s private sector experience spans Financial Services, Technology, Engineering and Professional Services.  His public sector experience covers Education, Local Authorities, Health and Defence.  As well as his commercial work, Adie is involved with Olympic coaching initiatives and charitable youth development projects.

As a conference speaker, Adie focuses on the mindset underpinning elite performance.